Theia: Revolutionizing Streetwear with Size-Inclusivity and Sustainable Efforts

Theia: Revolutionizing Streetwear with Size-Inclusivity and Sustainable Efforts

Written by Hinton Magazine

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In the vibrant world of streetwear, few brands emerge with a distinctive voice that addresses industry gaps. One such pioneer is Theia. Founded by the visionary Kayla, Theia was born out of the recognition that the streetwear sector, while popular and diverse, had a glaring omission: inclusivity for plus sizes.

Streetwear, known for its edgy aesthetics and cultural resonance, often celebrates individuality. Yet, many brands in this niche, while offering size-inclusive clothing options, seldom mirror this inclusivity in their campaigns. The models, visuals, and overall representation frequently lean towards a singular body type, excluding a significant portion of enthusiasts who don't fit this mould.

Theia's design philosophy challenges this narrative. While many resonate with the streetwear ethos, the brand acknowledges that there's a noticeable lack of plus size streetwear style inspiration. Theia's mission isn't just to fill this void but to celebrate and elevate it. By championing the beauty and confidence of plus size women, Theia underscores the message that the "comfortably sexy" allure of streetwear is truly universal, irrespective of size.

The brand's commitment to a better future isn't limited to size inclusivity. In an era where sustainability is no longer optional, Theia takes a proactive stand. Their packaging, crafted from corn-based materials, is not only 100% compostable but also completely devoid of plastic. But their efforts don't stop there. Through a fruitful collaboration with NoIssue, Theia has contributed to the planting of 44,567 trees globally, resulting in a commendable reduction of 876.56 metric tons of carbon emissions. As proud partners of NoIssue's Eco Alliance, Theia's legacy is as much about fashion as it is about forging a greener future.

Dedication to quality doesn't necessarily equate to exclusivity in pricing. Starting from as little as £14 in their summer sale, Theia ensures that its collection remains accessible. While the price point is competitive, the brand does not compromise on its core values of inclusivity and sustainability.

Being a game-changer in the industry, Theia's journey reflects a broader movement towards inclusivity and eco-consciousness in fashion. As part of NoIssue's Eco Alliance, the brand's commitment to sustainability is clear, and their efforts in redefining streetwear's inclusivity narrative are commendable.

For those eager to explore Theia's unique blend of size-inclusive streetwear and sustainable practices, their full collection is available at

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